The garden is really where it all begins for me, it is what drew me into flowers and a constant source of inspiration. What appeals so much to me about growing my own flowers is the variety and individuality of each stem. Many of the flowers that I grow are delicate and fleeting, they are not suitable for the cut flower trade which means they are not available through the wholesale market. They smell real and evoke a feeling of romance and nostalgia. Growing your own flowers gives a distinct connection to the seasons, and I appreciate the seasonal bounty of flowers, nothing is better than a flower in season in all of it's glory.


The cutting garden in early spring

My garden started off as a small experiment in my backyard, however as the first season growing flowers draws to a close the pull of expanding my cut flower patch was such that I have started development on a field outside of Auckland. I will have a large base of beautiful garden roses as well as other annuals that I can't live without.


Late spring nigella blooming 

For larger event work alongside my own grown flowers I like to work with other flower farmers and growers where possible.


Early December dahlias starting to emerge

All of my flowers are grown without chemical sprays and I only use natural pesticides or fertilizers. After each event they are composted along with any paper waste.